What Makes a Good Set Of 4×4 Tyres

If you are looking for tyres that have the best of grip and sand, muddy and slippery surfaces, then it is quite obvious that you will have to choose the right 4×4 tyres. With so many options being available, it is not easy to have the right information about good 4×4 tyres. We are therefore happy to share some of the most common tips to bear in mind when it comes to answering the question of what makes a good set of 4×4 tyres.

Not All Tyres Are Good


This is a basic point you must keep in mind before you decide to buy 4×4 tyres. They may look all the same from the outside but there could be quite a few differences in terms of quality, design, and other such characteristics. You basically have three categories of 4×4 tyres and they are Highway Terrain Tyres, All Terrain Tyres, and Mud Terrain Tyres. Each of these categories come with their own set of features, strengths, and downsides. You should have a clear idea about the end-use of the 4×4 tyres depending on the surfaces on which you will be using them. This will help you to make the right choice based on your specific needs.


Pay attention to the material & Design


Most of the 4×4 tyres are used for off-road driving. Therefore, they should be made from the toughest materials and the design aspects should also be carefully considered. Stay away from unbranded and low cost 4×4 tyres. This is because they could lead to uneven wear and tear and this could compromise the safety when you are driving in tough terrains. Check the quality of air pressure and ensure that the 4×4 tyres are capable of retaining their required pressure for a reasonable period of time.


Look For Tread Depth


Grip is crucial both off-road and on-road. Even if you are driving in city traffic, moving at high speeds in highways, or cruising at 50 MPH in wet and slippery conditions, a good 4×4 tyre having the right tread depth is extremely critical. While the legal tread depth is 1.6 mm, when you are driving in off-road conditions or on slippery roads, you should go for tyres that have additional tread depth. This will ensure that the vehicle comes to a stop even when you are cruising at a reasonably high speed.


Guarantee and Warranty


Quality 4×4 tyres from reputed manufacturers will come with the best of guarantee and warranty terms and conditions. These should be in line with the overall market practices. Obviously, small names and unbranded 4×4 tyres will not be able to match the big names.



Finally, price is a factor that should be carefully analysed. While buying a price-competitive brand of 4wd tyres Australia is a good idea, never compromise on quality in your endeavor to save a few hundred dollars.