A Brief Introduction to NBN Batteries

In case you are one of the fortunate individuals to be on an FTTP NBN connection, the NBN installation of yours might likewise incorporate a battery pack for weathering power outages. Nevertheless, these can also run out of charge similar to all the other batteries.


What exactly is an NBN battery?

Apart from receiving faster speeds, those enjoying an FTTP NBN connection are often able to set up a “Power Supply” unit as well. This is a type of battery pack which will help to power your Internet in the event of any blackout.


• Costs: Although NBN batteries might be similar to mini-vehicle batteries, they are much more inexpensive. Their costs are approximately $40 and this will not vary much when it comes to the store from where you purchase or the brand.


• Longevity: It is possible for a stock NBN battery for sale at Enersys to last for approximately 5 hours, and therefore, in case you are facing a blackout you might want to tread with the Netflix somewhat lightly.


• Warranty: The NBN battery is available with a lucrative warranty of 2 years following which it is imperative for the customers to buy their own in case the stock one fails to give the desired results.


In case your power went out following a storm, it is possible that you went on using your NBN by means of the battery pack. You need to replace them in the long run similar to all other batteries: however, it is almost like purchasing any other battery when it comes to the NBN battery.


How to understand whether I need to replace my NBN battery?


In case you hear a beep being produced by the NBN installation unit, it is possible that the battery needs to be replaced.


• If you hear one beep at the interval of every 15 minutes, this will indicate that the battery has to be replaced.


• If you hear 4 beeps every single minute, it will indicate that less than 50% of the battery charge is remaining.


The frequency of the beeps might become irritating in the long run. Fortunately, it will be possible to make them silent on the installation unit. You simply need to press the “Alarm Silence” button and hold it for approximately 15 seconds to make it silent for approximately 24 hours. Although this might stop the annoyance, it does not stop the fact that the battery probably has to be replaced very soon.


Where is it possible to purchase NBN replacement batteries?


Fortunately, you will not find it difficult to come across NBN batteries and you can purchase them at lots of mainstream outlets across Australia. The stores consist of the following:


• Battery Works


• R&J Batteries


• Marshall Batteries


• Supercheap Auto


• Battery World Australia


Here, we would like to mention that some outlets might need a special order, and therefore, it might be a sensible idea to call them beforehand and explain your requirements. Other outlets which are known to sell batteries, like Jaycar, might likewise market NBN units as well; however, the 5 mentioned above are those which have been specifically cited by NBN Co.